Masada Tours

The famous tale of Masada will unfold before your eyes at this beautiful ancient site.  Our guided Masada tours provide a unique opportunity to experience the stunning ruins that have attracted countless visitors over the years. Join us to immerse yourself in the heroism that was the last stronghold in the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Choose among our many Masada tours and discover the beauty and inspiring history for yourself. We guarantee unforgettable memories!

Main Sights included in our Masada tours:

King Herod’s Northern Palace

Located at the northern tip of the plateau, this 2000-year-old palace built by King Herod is a sight to behold. King Herod had built a swimming pool, water cisterns, two palaces, store rooms, and even a synagogue. It was here that the Jews defied the Romans. 

The Bath House

From the roof of the bathhouse, you will get a good view of the whole fortress and the surrounding area. Southwest of the baths, there is a mikveh (a Jewish ritual bath) constructed between AD 66 and 73.


Incredibly, the synagogue at Masada is one of the oldest synagogues in the world. It is the only one left that was standing during the period of the temple. A number of ancient scrolls were also found here. They are now held in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Masada tours would not be complete without laying your eyes on this incredible piece of history.

Byzantine Church

This partially-preserved church was built during the 5th century by Byzantine monks. A cavity in the floor allows you to imagine what might have once been there.

Western Palace

The Northern Palace was King Herod’s official residence, spanning an area of about 4,000 square meters. In what might have been an audience chamber, there is a well-preserved mosaic pavement decorated with geometric designs and plant motifs. You will also see a columbarium, two large open cisterns, and a third mikveh – and that’s just for starters. 

Our Guided Tour Options

As a new visitor, it can be challenging to fit in all the must-see sights. Our Masada tours help you explore the way you want while also gaining a deep understanding of what you are seeing. Plan to explore a combination of destinations to be sure that you’re covering all of the highlights. Travel and sightsee without worrying that you’re missing out.

We offer great options for guided Israel tours. To fully experience the Dead Sea, we recommend our relaxing Dead Sea Spa Tour. If you also want to explore the surrounding area, consider our  Masada and Dead Sea trip. Or, our Tour of Israel’s Main Attractions, covering Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, and the Dead Sea for a full adventure. These are just a few of the many Israel tour options we provide! Don’t forget we also offer customizable private tours in Israel. Explore this beautiful country at your own pace with the convenience of your own private guide. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to include one of our Masada tours in this personalized plan. Read on to learn why they are so highly recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that Masada is worth visiting. Not only is it one of the world’s most beautiful ruins, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the most-visited sites in Israel. Deeply steeped in ancient history, the story of Masada is one you will never forget. 

Masada holds a significant place in history as a testament to courage and resistance. Situated atop a towering rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea in modern-day Israel, it was once the site of a dramatic struggle between Jewish rebels and the Roman Empire. In the year 73-74 CE, following the fall of Jerusalem, a small group of Jewish zealots sought refuge at Masada. For three years, they held their ground against the mighty Roman army. Ultimately, facing inevitable defeat, the rebels chose a tragic fate: rather than surrendering, they opted for mass suicide. This poignant story of defiance and sacrifice has transformed Masada into a symbol of Jewish heroism and resilience, captivating the imaginations of visitors from around the world.

Here at Egged Tours, we provide a large selection of half-day, single day and multiple day guided tours. Major destinations include Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Galilee, and the Golan Heights. If you prefer to combine several destinations, we also offer Israel tour packages for your convenience.

The preservation and restoration of the archaeological site of Masada are primarily credited to the efforts of Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin. In the 1960s, Yadin led extensive excavations at Masada, uncovering numerous artifacts and structures that provided invaluable insights into the site’s history. Following the excavations, a comprehensive restoration project was initiated to preserve the ruins and make them accessible to visitors. The project involved reconstructing sections of the fortress, fortifications, and buildings, while also implementing measures to prevent further deterioration. Today, the preservation and restoration work allows visitors like you to witness the grandeur of Masada and gain a deeper understanding of its historical significance.

April and May are the best months to visit Jerusalem. Spring is the ideal season for Masada tours because the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists come to visit. October through November are also mild months when crowds are thin. 

Yes! Masada and the Dead Sea are practically neighbors, making these two locations the perfect combination for a day trip. Explore the ancient fortress of Masada with a qualified and licensed tour guide and relax at the Dead Sea with our dead sea trip , all on the same day.

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you dedicate several hours to explore Masada. Our guided tours bring the important archeological sites to life and give you deep insight into what you are seeing. It is best to combine your tour of Masada with the Dead Sea to get the most out of your day. 

Guided Masada tours enhance your trip in so many ways:

  1. They know a lot: Tour guides in Israel are required to have a license from the Ministry of Tourism and must renew it every two years. This means that you are sure to learn from a tour guide who is informed and knowledgeable. There are countless details and historical facts you will miss without the experience of a tour.

  2. They take care of all the planning: Tour guides plan all the logistics and details of a trip you might not have even thought about. They take care of all the hassle, from checking operating hours and booking tickets to handling any problems that might arise.

  3. They know the best routes: There is a lot to see and only so much time. Tour guides will plan the trip in the way that makes the most logical sense.