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Masada and Dead Sea Trip:

This day tour to the ancient fortress of Masada takes you to the site of one of the most interesting historical stories in the region. Join us and find  yourself in the very location where the heroism seen by the last stronghold in the Jewish rebellion against the Romans took place. The drama of Masada is then followed by an afternoon of relaxation at the therapeutic Dead Sea; an idyllic end to any sightseeing day!

Our Masada and Dead Sea trip leaves from Jerusalem. Together, we descend all the way through the Judean Desert down to below sea level.

On the way you will see the Inn of the Good Samaritan. We stop to look out across the desert as we pass the point marking “sea level”.

The ancient city of Jericho can be seen in the distance where Joshua’s troops caused the walls to fall (Joshua 6) and where Jesus healed the blind (Mark 10:46-52).

Arriving at Masada, we ascend the mountain by cable car, to tour the 2000-year old palace built by King Herod. Herod built a swimming pool, water cisterns, two palaces, store rooms and even a synagogue.

The Jews came here to defy the Romans, and it was in this  remote spot they they committed mass suicide,after a long and drawn-out siege by the Roman army. Our guides will take you through the important archeological sites and bring this dramatic historical moment to life.

We leave Masada and head out to the Dead Sea. The tour concludes with time to enjoy basking in the sun at the beach or floating in the mineral-rich Dead Sea, located at the lowest place on earth (400m below sea level).

You will also have the opportunity to cover yourself from head to toe in the natural Dead Sea mud. This mud’s unique therapeutic qualities will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim, the high salt content will keep you afloat!




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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dead Sea is called “dead” because of its remarkably high salt concentration, making it inhospitable for most forms of marine life. The water of the Dead Sea contains a salinity level that is significantly higher than that of regular seawater, reaching around 34% salinity. Salinity is the saltiness, or amount of salt dissolved in a body of water. This high salt content, combined with other minerals, creates an environment where aquatic organisms cannot survive. Hence how the Dead Sea is often referred to as “dead”. It lacks the usual vibrant marine ecosystem found in other bodies of water. Despite its name, however, the Dead Sea is renowned for its therapeutic properties and is a popular destination for health and wellness tourism.

Yes! You can indeed float in the Dead Sea. Due to its extraordinarily high salt concentration, the water of the Dead Sea has a greater density than the human body. This high density provides incredible buoyancy, making it effortless for individuals to float on the surface of the water. Whether you are a skilled swimmer or not, the high salt content of the Dead Sea allows you to effortlessly experience the unique sensation of buoyancy and float atop the water’s surface. However, as our guides on the dead sea tour will likely advise, it is recommended to avoid getting the water in your eyes or mouth, as it can cause discomfort because of the high salt content. 

Swimming in the Dead Sea is a unique experience, but it is important to note that it comes with some precautions. While floating on the surface is safe and enjoyable, swimming in the traditional sense is not recommended. The high salt concentration in the water can cause discomfort if it enters your eyes, mouth, or any open wounds. Additionally, the buoyancy of the water makes it challenging to swim in a typical manner. It is advisable to avoid submerging your face in the water and to be cautious while moving around to prevent accidental splashing. Taking these precautions into consideration, floating and enjoying the therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, book your Masada and Dead Sea trip today.

Yes, it is possible to visit the Dead Sea on a day trip from nearby cities. The Dead Sea is located in close proximity to several major cities in the region, such as Amman (Jordan), Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv (Israel). Many of our Israel day tours offer day trips to the Dead Sea, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience its unique features and therapeutic properties. It is an especially popular location for day trips from Jerusalem. These day trips, like the one featured on this page, include transportation, access to beach resorts or designated areas for swimming, floating, and mud baths, and the chance to enjoy the natural beauty and mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. Whether you are staying in Jordan or Israel, a day trip to the Dead Sea allows you to make the most of your time and explore this remarkable natural wonder.

You can spend as much time as you want at the Dead Sea. Fully relaxing and taking in its miraculous nature is the whole point! It is common to combine your visit to the Dead Sea with Masada, as you’re already so close, and doing so will ensure that you  truly get the most out of your Dead Sea trip.