Dead Sea Tours

As the oldest natural spa in the world and the lowest point on earth, people have been experiencing the beauty of Dead Sea tours for years. Surround yourself with all the beauty of the Negev Desert and enjoy the Mediterranean sun as you float effortlessly on its salty waters.

Not only does the Dead Sea provide a wondrous and calming experience, but it can heal you, too. The Dead Sea is a health spot for visitors around the world, as its water contains beneficial minerals and its mud is known for having special healing properties. Slow down and rejuvenate yourself.

Main Sights at the Dead Sea

You might be surprised to learn that there is more to do at the Dead Sea than just float in the water, but there is! Take full advantage of your day. 

Healing Mud

Renew both your body and your soul with the Dead Sea’s all-natural and nurturing mud. Head down to Mineral Beach, where you will find a natural pool of black mud. Cover your body in it from head to toe and let it dry. When you wash off the mud, your skin will feel newly soft and fresh, as it hasn’t felt in years. 

Massage at Resort

Once you have floated in the water and taken in the healing properties of the Dead Sea mud, it is time to let go. What better way to relax than with a soothing massage with one of the resort’s professional masseuses? 

Metsuke Dragot

This stop is full of surprises. Metsuke Dragot is situated above Murabat Wadi, a ravine facing the Dead Sea nearby. You would think it would be as dry as the desert, but it is actually full of streams, secret caves, and flourishing vegetation. Explore the area and learn what makes it so special, a lot of the Dead Sea tours on offer include this gem of a spot!

Qumran Caves

This is the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls, now on display in the Israel Museum, were discovered. Explore the caves where these ancient manuscripts were found and see the ancient ruins of the Essenes community. This place is not only beautiful in its own right, but also adds a sense of context and history to your day at the Dead Sea. 

Our Guided Tour Options 

It can be challenging to get to all the must-see sights and to understand them when you’re a new visitor. Dead Sea tours help you explore the way you want to while gaining a deep understanding of what you are seeing. Explore a combination of the sights you want to see without worrying that you are missing out. You are sure to cover all the highlights. 

We offer wonderful options for guided Israel tours, but to fully experience the Dead Sea, we recommend our Dead Sea Spa and Relaxation Tour. If you also want to explore the surrounding area, we recommend our Masada and Dead Sea tour or our Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, and Dead Sea Tour. And those are just a few of the many Israel tour options we provide! Don’t forget we also offer private tours in Israel, meaning you can explore this beautiful country at your own pace, and enjoy the freedom and convenience of having your own private tour guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no question that the Dead Sea is worth visiting. Haven’t you ever wanted to float on water instead of sinking? Aside from that, it contains minerals with healing properties, mud that leaves your skin feeling smoother than after a day at the spa, and a view of Jordan. 

Here at Egged Tours, we provide a large selection of half-day, single day and multiple day guided Dead Sea tours. Major destinations include Jerusalem, Masada tours, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Galilee, and the Golan Heights. If you prefer to combine several destinations, we also offer Israel tour packages for your convenience.

April and May are the best months to visit Jerusalem. Spring is the ideal season for Dead Sea tours because the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists come to visit. October through November are also mild months when crowds are thin.

Yes! Masada and the Dead Sea are practically neighbors, making these two locations the perfect combination for a day-trip. Explore the ancient fortress of Masada with a qualified and licensed tour guide and relax at the Dead Sea with our Masada and Dead Sea tour, all on the same day. 

You can spend as much time as you want at the Dead Sea. Fully relaxing and taking in its miraculous nature is the whole point! It is best to combine your visit of the Dead Sea with Masada to truly get the most out of your day. 

You can relax at the Dead Sea on your own, but it is much easier to explore the area (including Masada), with a tour guide.

Guided Dead Sea tours enhance your trip in so many ways:

  1. They know a lot: Tour guides in Israel are required to have a license from the Ministry of Tourism and must renew it every two years. This means that you are sure to learn from a tour guide who is informed and knowledgeable. There are countless details and historical facts you will miss without the experience of a tour.


  2. They take care of all the planning: Tour guides plan all the logistics and details of a trip you might not have even thought about. They take care of all the hassle, from checking operating hours and booking tickets to handling any problems that might arise.


  3. They know the best routes: There is a lot to see and only so much time. Tour guides will plan the trip in the way that makes the most logical sense. Instead of taking circular routes to see all the sites you want to see (and then being disappointed when you miss something), tour guides make sure you see all the places that matter most to you.