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Galilee Tours – the best way to explore the Galilee and Golan Heights, the northern parts of Israel. Journey through history as we discover the religious sites to be found here. The stunning views are just a bonus!

The north of Israel has an unending plethora of beautiful cities and sites to explore. Highlights include Nazareth, Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, Caesarea, Acre, Haifa and Rosh Hanikra, and that is just the beginning.

Main Sights in The Galilee


This city is top of the list as the childhood home of Jesus, home to over a dozen important Christian sites. Some of the most notable are the Church of Annunciation, which is believed by Catholics to be the remains of Mary’s childhood home, and the Church of St. Joseph’s carpentry, known as the site of Joseph’s carpentry workshop. Delve into the history and religious significance of this special city. 


Located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, the Old City of Tiberias holds important Christian and Jewish pilgrimage sites.  The waterfront features a marina and a fish market and offers you plenty of delicious restaurant options. Nearby, visit the ruins of the ancient synagogue of Capernaum and the city of Christ, among others.

Golan Heights 

Some of Israel’s most breathtaking landscapes and daring adventures await you here. The overlook of Hamat Gader, rich with natural hot springs, offers a relaxing oasis. After that, you get to climb Mount Bental and take in the views across Israel’s Galilee and the triangular border of Jordan, Syria, and Israel. The list of places to explore doesn’t end! 


This unique location is an ancient Roman Capital and port. Join a walking tour of the archeological ruins and excavations, and explore its amphitheatre and hippodrome, built by King Herod around 2,000 years ago! And then, of course, take some time to relax at the beautiful beach. 


Rich with history and feeling, discover what makes the Old City of Acre a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The scene of significant historical events, Acre’s Crusader city is preserved almost perfectly, both above and below today’s street level. Walk through the Old City market, bustling with smells, flavors, and atmosphere, to see the city in action today.

Our Guided Tour Options 

Cities such as Nazareth, Caesarea, and Acre are just the beginning of what there is to do. With limited time and so much to see, how do you prioritize what matters most to you? 

It can be challenging to get to all the must-see sights when you’re a new visitor. Galilee tours help you explore the way you want to while gaining a deep understanding of what you are seeing. Explore a combination of the sights you want to see without worrying that you are missing out. You are sure to cover all the highlights. 

We offer wonderful options for guided Israel tours, but to fully experience the Galilee, we recommend our 3-day Galilee tours: either Galilee and Golan Heights or Galilee, Golan Heights, Caesarea, and Acre. If you only have two days to explore the area, our popular Golan Heights and Safed tour, Nazareth and Golan tour, or Caesarea, Acre, and Golan tour will give you an unforgettable time. If you are really short on time, we condense as much as possible into one day tours of the Galilee. And those are just a few of the many tour options we provide! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Some of Israel’s most breathtaking landscapes and daring adventures await you here, along with significant historical and religious sites. Your journey through the Northern part of Israel allows you to see the country through a whole new perspective. 

Here at Egged Tours, we provide a large selection of half-day, single day and multiple day guided tours. Major destinations include Jerusalem, Masada tours, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Galilee, and the Golan Heights. If you prefer to combine several destinations, we also offer Israel tour packages for your convenience.

April and May are the best months to visit Jerusalem. Spring is the ideal season for Galilee tours because the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists come to visit. October through November are also mild months when crowds are thin. 

Yes! Nazareth is just a 40 minute drive from Tiberias, making these two locations the perfect combination for a day-trip. Our Nazareth, Tiberias, and the Sea of Galilee Tour allows you to visit all the Christian historical sites in Northern Israel in one unforgettable day tour with a qualified and licensed tour guide.

Although you could spend all your time in the Galilee without seeing it all, 3 days should be enough to see most of the main cities and sites. And you will always have the chance to see much more the next time you visit!

Guided Galilee tours enhance your trip in so many ways:

  1. They know a lot: Tour guides in Israel are required to have a license from the Ministry of Tourism and must renew it every two years. This means that you are sure to learn from a tour guide who is informed and knowledgeable. There are countless details and historical facts you will miss without the experience of a tour.


  2. They take care of all the planning: Tour guides plan all the logistics and details of a trip you might not have even thought about. They take care of all the hassle, from checking operating hours and booking tickets to handling any problems that might arise.


  3. They know the best routes: There is a lot to see and only so much time. Tour guides will plan the trip in the way that makes the most logical sense. Instead of taking circular routes to see all the sites you want to see (and then being disappointed when you miss something), tour guides make sure you see all the places that matter most to you.