Israel Tour Packages

Israel Tour Packages – Discover the highlights of this beautiful and ancient land, from holy cities and sacred sites to fun adventure destinations. Choose the tour package that speaks to you and let us handle the rest.

Explore as much of Israel as you can in the time frame you will be here. Our tour guides are chosen for their excellence to ensure you have a great experience as you discover Israel. From 7 Days of Guided Tours to exploring the gems of Jerusalem, we offer a wide range of tour options to suit your needs.

Benefits of Group Tour Packages

No Need to Plan

If you’ve ever spent hours trying to work out the perfect itinerary, you know just how valuable it is not to need to plan your trip. Sit back and relax – we’ve got this! There’s an expert group of tour guides behind-the-scenes making sure you stay on schedule and see the very best of what Israel has to offer. We know how to plan your trip down to the very last detail so you can see what you want to without worrying. 

Make New Friends

There’s nothing quite like bonding with people while on vacation. This time, you get the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world while exploring the Holy Land. Ask people questions – you might be surprised at what you find out. Learn a thing or two about other cultures and make great friends in the process.

Wonderful Tour Guides  

Your tour guide is the real asset to your trip, keeping you on track and making sure you have the best time. Experts in the area and locals themselves, our tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate. They are also licensed from the Ministry of Tourism and don’t miss a detail.

Choose What Suits You

People often worry that group tours won’t accommodate all that they want to see. But with so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the tour of your dreams. We even offer special focus tours, from Jewish sites to Christian gems, so you know you are getting to explore what is most important to you. 

Our Guided Tour Options 

Destinations such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Masada are just the beginning of what there is to do in Israel. Add the Galilee and the Dead Sea to the mix, and you won’t know where to look first! With limited time and so much to see, how do you prioritize what matters most to you? 

It can be challenging to get to all the must-see sights when you’re a new visitor. Our Israel tour packages help you explore the way you want to while gaining a deep understanding of what you are seeing. Explore a combination of the sights you want to see without worrying that you are missing out. You are sure to cover all the highlights. 

We offer wonderful options for guided Israel tour packages, from our 7 days Christian Tour and Jewish Gems: 6 Days to our 4 days Israel tour package. And those are just a few of the many tour options we provide! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most visited places in Israel by far is Jerusalem, the heart of the Holy Land and sacred to three religions. This is one of the main destinations for tourists around the world. Join our tours in Jerusalem to discover this city. 

We provide a large selection of half-day, single day and multiple day guided tours. Major destinations include Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Masada, Galilee, and the Golan Heights. We also offer guided tours to Petra from Israel. If you prefer to combine several destinations, we also offer Israel tour packages for your convenience.

April and May are the best months to visit Israel. Spring is the ideal season for Israel day tours because the weather is pleasant and fewer tourists come to visit. October through November are also mild months when crowds are thin. 

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, Caesare, Haifa, Akko and Tel Aviv. There you can find the main Christian sites in Israel, from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Shepherds’ Field. On our unforgettable Christian tour of Israel for 7 days, you visit the most significant Christian sites in the Holy Land (and much more). 

Tour Jerusalem and the City of David, Masada tours, the Dead Sea, and the North of Israel – and that is just the start of some the main cities to explore. There you can find the main Jewish sites in Israel, from the Kotel (Wailing/Western Wall) to the City of David. Join an unforgettable Jewish tour of Israel for 6 days where you visit the most significant Jewish sites (and much more).  

To get a good feel for Israel, between 10 days to two weeks is perfect. This allows you to spend a lot of time in major tourist destinations and even find some secret gems as well. Discover the magic and beauty of Israel with Egged Tours. 

Guided Israel tours enhance your trip in so many ways:

  1. They know a lot: Tour guides in Israel are required to have a license from the Ministry of Tourism and must renew it every two years. This means that you are sure to learn from a tour guide who is informed and knowledgeable. There are countless details and historical facts you will miss without the experience of a tour.


  2. They take care of all the planning: Tour guides plan all the logistics and details of a trip you might not have even thought about. They take care of all the hassle, from checking operating hours and booking tickets to handling any problems that might arise.


  3. They know the best routes: There is a lot to see and only so much time. Tour guides will plan the trip in the way that makes the most logical sense. Instead of taking circular routes to see all the sites you want to see (and then being disappointed when you miss something), tour guides make sure you see all the places that matter most to you.