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The Masada Sunrise tour is one of the most spectacular tours in Israel. Watch the sun as it rises over Masada and the Dead Sea and experience one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Israel.

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

For reservations, please contact us at : [email protected]

Time line

02:00 Pickup from Tel Aviv

03:00 Pickup from Jerusalem

05:30 Arrive at the bottom of Masada mountain to begin our hike to the top.

On the way up we will enjoy the extraordinary desert sunrise. It can only be seen at that specific time from that specific spot, which is why our Masada sunrise tour is one of the best options! 

Upon arriving at the top you will enjoy some free time to explore the site in the fresh, early morning air. 

Head back down to make our way to the Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve.

08:00 Arrive at the Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve.

Enter the reserve to watch the desert wildlife in the magnificent Ein-Gedi Oasis.

10:00 Continue to the Dead Sea 

10:30 Arrive at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, and enjoy bathing and floating in  its therapeutic water.

After a swim and covering ourselves with the restorative Dead Sea mud we will make our way back to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

13:00 Arrive back in Jerusalem

14:00 Arrive back in Tel Aviv

Please Note: All times for the Masada Sunrise Tour are approximate and the start time will vary throughout the year depending on seasonal variations in the time the sun rises.

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Masada Sunrise Tour location

Frequently Asked Questions

In the summer months, the weather will be quite warm even in the early morning hours with temperatures around 21 degrees celsius. In the winter months, be prepared for lower temperatures  around 11 degrees celsius. When preparing for the Masada Sunrise tour it’s important to check the weather forecast in case of rain, as it’s known to rain in the winter months.

If you prefer not to hike ,we highly recommend exploring this popular tourist destination with one of our Dead Sea tours. These trips offer an opportunity to visit Masada via the cable car, taking you up the mountain with panoramic views. Here you can customize your visit to Masada and the Dead Sea with your language of choice, date, and pick up city.

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