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Places to Visit in Israel - Top 10

Quick Overview

Planning to travel in Israel and you need inspiration for your up-coming trip to Israel? Israel is a tiny country, but full of amazing destinations. We offer Top 10 Places To Visit in Israel. Whether you are looking for beautiful sceneries, rich history or holy sites, Israel has a lot to offer you. In this article we bring you the top places to visit in Israel.


Top 10 must-see places in Israel that you don’t want to miss



Jerusalem is perhaps the holiest city in the world, where old and new, ancient and modern are combined into one enchanting city. The colorful markets, ancient streets and holy sites for Jews, Christians and Muslims, all make for an unforgettable visit. Jerusalem tours with egged Tours are the best way to experience tour in Jerusalem.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea is a must-see site as well. Don't know how to swim? No problem, it is so salty that you can just float on the water. The minerals of the Dead Sea have curative effects and are used in cosmetics and spa treatments, as well as to aid in the treatment of various skin conditions.


Masada, is it a heroic story or a tragedy? You'll be the judge of that when you visit one of UNESCO's most well-preserved archeological sites. Visiting this unique place takes you back 2,000 years in time. In Masada you will learn the story of a small group of Jews who defied the Roman Empire until their dramatic decision, after a long and drawn-out siege by the Roman army, to commit mass suicide rather than run the risk of being made slaves.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps. You can find it all in Tel Aviv from chic restaurants, fun coffee shops, fashionable shops and rich night life. Or you can just sit on the beach, play volley ball or drink beer at sunset. Tel Aviv is a vibrant, young at heart city you will never want to leave.


In Eilat you’ll find sun, sea, beaches and lots of fun. Eilat is the best destination to sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing view of the red mountains as they kiss the deep blue sea. It is the one of most popular diving places in the world where you can swim with dolphins at the dolphin reef, or explore Eilat's impressive coral reefs.



Ancient Caesarea is one of Israel’s most impressive national parks. It combines romance, luxury and breathtaking scenery all in one place. Caesarea dates back 2,300 years, with impressive architectural remains from the Hellenistic period through the Crusader period. Today the port of Caesarea is one of the luxury travel destinations in Israel, with stylish coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries as well as the only underwater archeological Park in the world.

Golan Heights

Rivers, waterfalls, enchanting forests, ancient fortress and breathtaking sunsets. The Golan Heights is Israel's northern pearl of wild life, nature, scenic treasures and archeological sites. The eastern edge of the Golan Heights is scattered with volcanic hills, while the south and west border on basalt cliffs originated from far back volcanic eruptions. Every turn and corner offers an amazing view of Israel.


Tiberias located on the shores of Sea of Galilee where Jesus allegedly miraculously walked on the water and you can try too. The city offers a variety of fun attractions suitable for all ages. For Christians who wish to be baptized, the Yardenit is a must to visit, just schedule in advance to be baptized with the local pastor.


To visit Acco (Acre) means getting a glimpse of a glorious past. It’s truly an unique experience. The colorful oriental markets are a rare blend of east and west. The city’s captivating historical heritage comes to life with the city walls, museums, templar tunnels, fortresses and castles.  The fishermen’s port, marina, and restaurants make Acco a culinary place. You don’t want to miss the hummus and if you want casual fine dining with an amazing sample menu, you should definitely reserve a table at Uri Buri (see TripAdvisor). The churches, mosques, synagogues and other structures tell the story of the city in a most fascinating way.


Safed is the birthplace of the Kabbalah, Safed (Tzfat) is one of Judaism’s four holy cities. The amazing view, fresh air and ancient alleys makes you feel as if time stands still. Let yourself connect with your inner self and wash away all your troubles. Safed is also famous for its distinctive art galleries, offering you the best of Jewish art and souvenirs.

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