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Shopping in Israel

Quick Overview

Planning to take a Shopping vacation in Israel? Great idea! Here is everything you need to know about Shopping in Israel and Israeli markets.


Shopping in Israel

Israel is an ideal destination for shoppers. Every city has quite a few shopping centers and malls. In addition to local brands, Israel's shopping centers and malls contain a large variety of international brands: from fashion and accessories to technology, interior design and more. Most of the malls also have outlet stores which offer great discounts and sales.


The best malls in Israel are “Mall HaYam” in Eilat, “Canyon Ramat Aviv”, “Dizengoff Center” and “Canyon Azrieli” in Tel Aviv, “Canyon Malcha” in Jerusalem (also known as “Canyon Yerushalaim”) which is closed during Saturdays, “Cinema City” in Rishon Letzion and “Canyon Haifa”.


Israeli Markets


The most inexpensive and fun options for shopping in Israel are the city markets in Israel. One could find anything over there. In addition to fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and other food products (even for pets!), there are books, DVDs and computer games, clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, crafts and more. Most of the prices are negotiable.


In addition to the city markets, many cities host arts and crafts fairs and vintage markets. In Tel-Aviv, for example, there's a flea market in Jaffa which is open from Sunday to Friday afternoon. Also, every Tuesday and Friday there are special fairs in Nachalat Binyamin's pedestrian street (mostly arts and crafts) and a vintage and collector items market at Dizengoff square.


Eilat and VAT


Eilat, the capital of Israeli tourism, is a free trade area. The prices of products in Eilat do not include VAT, which is 18%. Therefore, shopping in Eilat is cheaper, compared to other chain branches all over Israel.


Israel maintains a tax refund policy for tourists. Only some of the stores are licensed for tax refund (you will notice the sticker in the store). However, the total amount of money spent should be higher than 400 NIS. The refund is available at Milgam counters at every airport and sea port, at Ashkelon and Hertzeliya's marinas and at the border crossings to Egypt and Jordan. The refund is granted only before you leave Israel, so make sure you have your passport and invoice, and check at Milgam's counter before you go for the security check.

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