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Israeli Food

Quick Overview

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, food in Israel is nothing less than a form of Fun for the Israelis. Great selection and Sheffi allow many flavors mix and find the precise combination for assembling a winning dish.


Food in Israel

Israel is populated mainly by immigrants from around the world. Therefore, the country contains a large variety of many different restaurants of Israeli food, each with its own style of Israeli food recipes, taste and tradition. From Italian restaurants to sushi bars, from Yemenite food to South American restaurants, from grill bars to vegan restaurants, from Kosher food to pork chops and sea food. All in one small country.

Having said that, one of the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of Israeli food is its street food. Israeli street food is mostly vegetarian and vegan (with few exceptions), and they are excellent and popular representatives of their origin countries. The Middle Eastern  falafel and hummus, the Yemenite Jachnun, the North African Shakshouka, the French crepe, the Bulgarian bourekas and many more.

For your convenience, here's a short summary of the best Israeli food which are referred to as culinary symbols of their cities, from North to South.


Hummus In Acre

Hummus is a paste made of chick peas and tahini (sesame paste), eaten with pita bread and various toppings, such as fava beans (“ful”), tahini, falafel, mushrooms, pine nuts, hard boiled egg and more.

It's a well known fact that the best hummus in Israel is made in Acre. The best hummus restaurants in Acre are located at the old city of Acre, in a walking distance from the railway station.


Shawarma in Haifa

Shawarma, also known as doner, is a grilled meat sandwich, cooked on a skewer.

Even gourmet lovers admit that Haifa's shawarmas are the best in the country. The best shawarma restaurants in Haifa are located downtown, near the port.


Sabich in Tel-Aviv

Sabich is the Jewish Iraqi traditional Saturday breakfast. It is a sandwich containing eggplants, hard boiled egg, lettuce, Israeli salad, hummus and potatoes.

In the past decade, the Sabich's popularity among the young Tel-Avivians had largely increased. The best Sabich restaurants in Tel-Aviv are located near Dizengoff Center mall.


Fish and Sea Food in Yaffo

Yaffo's port is one of the most ancient ports in Israel. A grilled fish meal at the port's terrace at sunset is one of the favorite pastimes among the locals.


Jerusalem Mixed Grill

Jerusalem mixed grill is a sandwich containing chicken breast, liver, hearts and sometimes lamb. The sandwich was invented in the sixties at Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, and gained huge popularity all over the country.


South American Grill in Eilat

Eilat contains a large community of South American Jews. The Argentinian and Brazilian restaurants located near the industrial zone are the best ones in Eilat. Some of them offer “all you can eat” deals.

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