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Israel Festival

Quick Overview

Israel has its special events and unique culture and its beautiful. Here is a short review of the biggest events in Israel.


Special Events and Festivals


Israel is a young country with a young spirit. Due to its young age (founded in 1948), its cultural and artistic scenes are young, new and they redefine themselves very often. The Israeli film industry gets great reviews from throughout the world, and many Israeli television shows and formats are exported to many countries. In every year the big cities in Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem) host international film festivals, in addition to the Israeli Film Day, in which Israeli film tickets are sold for 10 NIS (2.50$).

Another fact is that the Israelis love celebrations and parties. All around the country, Israel hosts a large variety of festivals and cultural events throughout the year.



Tel-Aviv is the capital of Israeli culture. In every day (and night) dozens of shows, concerts, exhibitions, plays and alternative art and culture events are taking place.


The Pride Parade (Mitsad HaGa'ava)

As Tel-Aviv is a very young, tolerant and open minded city, it is an ideal tourism destination for the LGBT community. The Pride Parade is one of the best parties in Tel-Aviv, city of parties.

When: Every year in June


White Night (Layla Lavan)

The White Night festival was founded in 2003, when Tel-Aviv's white city was declared as a world heritage site. The entertainment and culture venues stay open all night, many of them offer free entrance or large discounts. A large variety of music shows, dance, theater and more take place around the city.

When: Every year in June


Taste of the City (Ta'am Ha-Ir)

Taste of the city is Israel biggest food affair. For four days around one hundred of Israel's finest restaurants offer sample menus. The festival was founded in the early nineties as a LGBT event.

When: Every year in May



Like Tel-Aviv, also Jerusalem has its own scene of art, culture and entertainment. According to the mentality differences between the two cities, Jerusalem's cultural events and festivals have their own unique atmosphere.


Israel Festival (Festival Israel)

The Israel Festival was founded in the early sixties. Since then, in every year it hosts international artists as well as local artists from various fields, such as theater, dance, jazz, classical music, exhibitions, lectures and street performances.

When: Every year in May


Hutzot Hayotzer

This arts and crafts lane near the Old City walls is referred to as the main summer attraction in Jerusalem. In addition to local artists, the fair also hosts artists from around the world, as well as performances, children activities and more.

When: Every year in August


The Dead Sea Love Festival (Festival AHAVA Yam Hamelach)

In a short driving distance from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea hosts a rock festival for three days in every year. The love festival is Israel's oldest rock festival, and it combines music and unique nature.

When: Every year around Passover


Haifa and Galilee


The Holiday of Holidays (Hachag Shel Hachagim)

Haifa is the perfect example of the three religions' coexistence. This festival takes place every winter, and it celebrates the three religions' holidays of December. The festival includes free entrance to all museums as well as various performances, concerts, plays, fairs and special activities for kids.

When: Every Year during December


Acre's Theater Festival (Festival Akko)

Acre's Festival is the biggest theater festival. It takes place every year at the end of the summer. The festival hosts many avant-garde plays which take place in the historical sites of Acre.

When: Every year during Sukkot


Carmiel's Dance Festival(Festival Hamachol Carmiel)

The small town of Carmielin the Galilee hosts dancers and dance performances from around the world every summer. The festival, which goes on for three days, also includes special folk dance parties for the audience.

When: Every year during July



Eilat, the capital of Israeli tourism, hosts many festivals, culture and sport events throughout the year, in one of Israel's most beautiful locations.


The International Jazz Festival (Jazz Bayam Haadom)

Eilat hosts two international jazz festival every year. One of them takes place in August, and the other one during the winter. In addition to local Jazz musicians, Eilat's Jazz festival also hosts well known international musicians, such as Herbie Hancock, Chic Corea, Michel Petrucciani and more.

When: Every year during February


Classical Music Festival (Festival Muzika Klassit)

Eilat's classical music festival takes place every year during the winter (but don't worry, winter season in Eilat is mostly sunny and warm). The festival includes dozens of concerts of the world's best musicians in affordable prices.

When: Every year during February


Sport Events

In addition to cultural events, Eilat hosts many sport events throughout the year, such as Israman (the Israeli Iron Man contest), Formula Eilat (for motorsport), triathlon contests and more.






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