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nightlife in Israel

Quick Overview

All the things you should know before you want to explore the nightlife in Israel. Bars, restaurants, concerts, clubs and many more.



In every big city in Israel there are quite a few cinemas. In addition to cinemas which screen the seasonal blockbusters, there are special movie theaters and cinematheques which in most cases display quality movies, independent movies and foreign movies. Most of the movies are not dubbed to Hebrew. However, the exception for that is children animated films, which usually are screen in two versions: one is the dubbed version, and the other is followed by Hebrew subtitles. In case you wish to go to a foreign or Israeli movie, it is best advised to find out whether the film has English subtitles.

Theater, Opera and Ballet

Although the vast majority of plays in Israel are in Hebrew, many theaters and opera halls provide the viewers with English, French and Russian subtitles. However, dance has its own international language. There are a lot of Israeli dance groups which are performing around the world, such as Mayumana, Shakatak, Bat Sheeba and Inbal.


The Israeli cuisine is hard to define, as Israel is a relatively young state, populated by immigrants from different continents. There is a large variety of different gastronomic styles, including the middle eastern cuisine, the east european cuisine, the french cuisine, and during the last decades there's a large increase of Asian restaurants.

The one thing which best characterizes the Israeli cuisine, is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and legumes. Having said that, Israel is very vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is highly recommended to book a restaurant in advance, especially during the weekend (Friday and Saturday).


Although the Israelis do not really have a drinking culture, there are quite a lot of pubs and bars, especially in the big cities. Many pubs in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem also host live music. In addition, the vast majority of pubs also serve food.

Most of the pubs in Israel are open until after midnight. Therefore, most of the young people go out drinking late at night. For example, on Friday nights, the costume is to show up at the pub only after midnight. In case you wish to sit in a quiet pub on a Friday night, the recommendation is to go around 20:00-21:00.

Parties and Concerts

As the Israelis are very informal people, the love the concept of showing up fashionably late. Due to the fact that the Israelis tend to go out late at night, many of the parties, concerts and events which are published to start at a specific hour, will only start much later, when the venue is full. 

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