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Getting Around Israel

Quick Overview

Getting around in Israel, a foreign country to many, might be a challenging task. Here's a complete guide to let you travel Israel with ease.


Guide to Getting Around Israel



Public transportation in Israel is one of the best in the world. The many bus companies will take you across Israel to any destination you might need. It is relatively cheap way to travel the country. The drawback is that you need to coordinate bus schedules and carry all your language with you.


There are several bus companies in Israel. The largest is Egged which you can find in many cities in Israel and inter-city. In many of the buses there is a free Wi-Fi .



The train is another convenient way to travel Israel.  Especially if you need to exit the airport, or visit Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acco, or get to some of the south cities. The train offers free electricity points so you can plug in your laptop and free Wi-Fi. Click the link to see train schedule. 


Driving in Israel

Exploring Israel by car is fun. It is a relatively small country and you can explore it from coast to coast, or drive to the north or south, to Eilat.


Driving in the big cities might be confusing and daunting. The heavy traffic and difficulties of finding a parking space can be a nag.


Patience is not one of the best Israeli drivers' qualities so be aware. Their hands are loose on the horn, which is something that can be alarming when you drive in an foreign country.




The Light Rail

The light rail is a convenient way to move around Jerusalem. Designed specialty to meet the needs of passengers with various disabilities as much as possible. Click the link to view the rail route in Jerusalem.


Jerusalem city tour bus

A cool way to explore Jerusalem seeing all the main attractions and sites. The Jerusalem City Tour Bus picks you up at the Central bus station in Jerusalem and allows you to hop-on and hop-off the bus. You can hop-off the bus as many times as you like and visit many attractions along the way.



Tel Aviv



The local bus transportation of Tel Aviv and surrounding area. It is convenient, relatively cheap and can take you from one point to another with ease.



The easiest way to move around Tel Aviv. Just pick up your hand and a vast fleet of taxies will come along to save you. Make sure to ask to turn on the meter and ask for the receipt. It's not particularly expensive, when compared to most of the Western world, and you won't have to deal with finding available parking space. The cost of a taxi inside Tel Aviv usually ranges from about 10 USD to 25 USD (20-100 shekels). Don't rely on this too much, but rather ask the driver for an estimate, since there may be heavy traffic etc.


Bike Share

There are over 150 bike (Tel-O-Fun) rental stations all over Tel Aviv. The stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pick up your bike at one place and drop it off at another. It is a great way to explore Tel Aviv and enjoy everything it has to offer. 





The local bus company in Haifa and surrounding area.



The shortest subway in the world. It will take you from Lower Haifa city to the Carmel center, where you can find rich night life, coffee shops, restaurants and shops.


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