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Masada Tours

Two thousand years ago Masada was the last fortress to stand in the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Today you can visit this well-preserved historical site on our Masada tours. The ancient fortress is located next to the Dead Sea and in our tour we will combine both destinations. Come explore Masada and enjoy the breath-taking view from the mountain top.

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Masada Tours - Ancient Fortress

The history of Masada dates back to the 1st Century BCE. It was made into a palace and by King Herod, just before the turn of the millennium more than 2,000 years ago. At the end of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 73 CE, the fortress fell before the Roman onslaught. As you will see on our Masada tours, the site is astonishingly well preserved over thousands of years. Remains of the palaces, the water cisterns, the Roman legions' camps outside and the ramp the Romans built to finally breach the wall are all clearly visible.

Watch a video of Masada and its breathtaking scenery:

Why Masada Tours with Egged?

On Egged's Masada tours you will visit one of Israel's most popular destinations. The guides on our Masada tours will make this remarkable site come to live and you will hear the echoes of history that culminated in an heroic struggle with a tragic end. Book now to go on Masada tours with Egged now!

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