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  • Self Guided Culinary Tour HaCarmel Market

    Culinary Tours in Shuk HaCarmel

    Enjoy Tel Aviv's rich flavors and tastes with the Shuk Bites Card that allows you to experience the best of Shuk HaCarmel.

  • Self-Guided Culinary Tour Machne Yehuda Jerusalem

    Culinary Tours Machne Yehuda

    Self-guided culinary tour in Jerusalem Machne Yehuda Market.  Enjoy Jerusalem's rich flavors, tastes and smells. 

  • Self Guided Culinary Tour Nazareth Market

    Culinary Tours Nazareth Market

    Enjoy Nazareth colorful market, authentic Arabic bazaar and rich flavors and tastes with the Shuk Bites Card. 

  • How to Make Hummus Workshop

    Hummus Workshop

    Join an authentic Israeli culinary experience as you prepare and eat your own hummus.

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